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How ACQUO Wellingtons Are Taking Over

Jessica Lingonstierna has created a pandemic proof product line. Jessica is a phenomenal woman and entrepreneur.

She is the founder and CEO of ACQUO of Sweden.

ACQUO of Sweden are manufactures of  “Natural Rubber” Wellington Boots.

Wellies are throwbacks to the ’70s and the boots have proven to stand the test of time.

The reasons ACQUO Wellingtons are popular are obvious but there are some not so obvious reasons as well.

Few would argue that the main reason these luxury boots are so practical as well as fashionable is the woman behind this brand. They reflect the passion and essence of Jessica.

The world is taking notice. With worldwide shipping, the iconic boots can be seen in practically every country in the world. ACQUO Wellingtons represent something more than just a fashion statement. They can be worn in rain, snow, sleet, or on a beautiful sunny day.

Additionally, they can be worn on date night or a day on the farm.

Jessica’s story is a story of ongoing transformation. She has managed to actualize her full potential while articulating her sense of purpose and style.

She is always diving deeper into her work and the product line is a way of sharing her journey.


Daring To Be Different Is ACQUO

“I don’t let myself be intimidated by what I don’t know. That can be my greatest strength because then I do things my way. Not like everybody else. When obstacles come, I just change our direction towards our goal, but I will still reach our goal” – Jessica Lingonstierna


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This pandemic has done a lot of harm to businesses. The fashion and retail industry fell particularly hard.

However, seldom has there been a fashion or footwear line that has durability, practicality, and style to last through any era.

People do not find themselves with money to waste. ACQUO of Sweden offers unparalleled value. These are not just another pair of rubber boots.

ACQOU Wellingtons are handcrafted with the mindset that this is an essential footwear-line that people need as well as they deserve.

Moreover, there is not a more occasional, practical, versatile, fashionable, and wearable boot on the market.





ACQUO of Sweden

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Stylish and flexible fit boots that offer good traction to ensure no slippage and can be worn even indoors. With a proven history, ACQUO easy-to-wear fashionable boots can be worn All Day Long!!!




By slowing things down a bit and taking the time to feel every little step in these boots while taking in the nuance of your lifestyle, sensibility, and style along the way, you allow your soul as well as your feet to integrate with the essence of your being.

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Shipped Worldwide. ACQUO Wellingtons’ Boots are very soft and contoured to the leg. The ACQUO boots are both retro and modern. The design of the boot is designed for ALL OCCASIONS and WEATHER


     ACQUO of Sweden

“Investing in a pair of ACQUO Wellingtons’ Boots will give you a pair of boots that are easy to wash if they get dirty, they are glossy black and it is truly a unique pair of Rubber Boots. You will be proud of having a Rubber Boot that is also cool-looking and can match every outfit.”

ACQUO On The Move

ACQOU of Sweden is looking to scale, and why not? It’s not every day that you will find a more essential piece to any wardrobe. Too many success stories are dwarfed by COVID-19 reality.

ACQUO is open to forming relationships with investors to increase market share. This includes a marketing team and new product additions. Establishing relationships with larger markets that could include in-person calls.

ACQUO of Sweden would like to make a bigger imprint in markets (Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, Italy, USA, and Canada). 



“Stand tall and show out naturally with ACQUO of Sweden”

Your Luxury Footwear

Beauty comes in all fashions, shapes, sizes, and hues and you can’t lose with these boots.

Don’t believe it?

Try a pair of ACQUO Wellingtons for yourself and feel the sensibility, style, and passion that they give to you.

ACQUO Wellingtons for every Season. Rubber Boots for every Reason.

ACQUO of Sweden’s Wellingtons generates vertical integration in your wardrobe and they are a weather-proof fashion statement.

Wellies to wear all year round. ACQUO stylish and elegant boots are perfect for styling and protecting your feet through every season.

With 8 different styles to choose from, you are sure to find a favorite. Mix and match, they style nicely with a cute dress and fashionably with a pair of jeans. The possibilities are endless.

Rain or shine, ACQUO Wellingtons has you covered. They are easily storable and can be packed away in the elegant, black-shinny box they’re shipped to you in to take on the go. 

Until you secure a pair of ACQUO Wellies for yourself, your wardrobe is not complete.


ACQUO of Sweden


Jerome McCarthy


Matthew Ruiz

Creative Director

Wellington boots have made a huge comeback, there has been a noticeable shift in interest to flat and lower-heeled footwear since the beginning of quarantine.

ACQUO of Sweden has always focused on a wearable boot suitable for any climate while fashionable to leisure and casual.

The brand has intrinsically ensured to craft a product that’s accessible and supportive of changing lifestyles.

The fact that there are durable, natural/vegan, chic Wellies on the market is phenomenal.

ACQUO Wellingtons For The Family



Growing Brand

ACQUO of Sweden is one of the leading companies in the world selling fashionable rubber boots to women and also men.


Exclusive rubber boots that are animal-friendly and Vegan fashion product that is 100 % soft, natural rubber.  It is also a fashion boot, not only a “rain  boot”


ACQUO Wellingtons’ Boots have been sold since 2016 to customers now in nearly 50 countries in the world.                                               

all occasions

Feel the arousal of the natural material strapping your feet and wrapping your thighs. Watch how it oscillates back & forth between your feet, your steps, and different “realities” & emotions.

“I love to spend my time on making ACQUO of Sweden grow around the world, and I would love to do it with a partner or partners.

Right now I am looking for great partners.

You can look back in time, but really, tomorrow is what interests me most.”

 Jessica Lingonstierna

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ACQUO of Sweden’s footwear fashion line is so practical and stunning. it’s a “no-brainer” to consider a pair.

ACQOU is ready to scale to make more of an impact in this world. An amazing product line such as this one is worth investing in. ACQUO is a great success story.

No matter the season or pandemic, your feet will be protected in style with the AQUO Wellington Boot!

The sustainability of ACQUO of Sweeden is proven.